ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Sample Lesson Plan: Sorting by Color

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sample Lesson Plan: Sorting by Color

Sorting Valentine Erasers By ColorLearning Objective: Child will identify, name, and sort by color.

Materials: Colored erasers, colored paper squares

Lesson Plan:

  1. Give your child a set of colored erasers with three or more different colors represented.
  2. Have child examine erasers.
  3. Discuss with child the colors of the erasers, identify each one by name
  4. Lay out paper squares, saying the color of each as it is layed down
  5. Model for child how to sort erasers by color by sorting one or two erasers, saying color name as sorting.
  6. Have child sort erasers by color, assisting as needed.

  7. Continue to reinforce color name by discussing what he or she is doing, "Yes, that is red. What color is the next one? It's green."


  1. Cute idea! My daughter loves anything matching. Yesterday she was telling her 4 month old sister that her jammies and her cup matched and I also often find her grouping all of her bathtub foam letters according to color.