ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Lucky 13th Hour Giveaway

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lucky 13th Hour Giveaway

New to ABC and 123?
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We are so excited that many of you have chosen to be part of this fun new venture by joining along as followers! Several of you have already left us encouraging comments, theme ideas, and great submissions. We have even been thrilled to see many blog posts spreading the news about ABC and 123.


To celebrate YOU, our first followers, we have randomly selected a reader to win our 1st giveaway!

Shannon @ Fly to My Window has won a subscription to Family Fun Magazine. This publication is loaded with fun activities for learning with, cooking with, living with, and celebrating with your family!

Shannon send us an email and let us know to whom & to where you want your subscription sent. Enjoy!

Thanks to all of you for checking out ABC and 123: A Learning Cooperative!

We are looking forward to learning with you and from you!


  1. That is a SWEET giveaway!
    One of your posts the other day had "family fun" in the title, and I wondered if you would give away the magazine. Lucky Shannon!!

  2. I'm so thrilled!!! I had Family Fun at one time but didn't renew to save a little money on my ever growing list of subscriptions. THANK YOU very much! :-) I'll have so much fun posting Family Fun crafts and activities on my new blog.

  3. Congrats to Shannon. The magazine is cool.

  4. congrats shannon we love that magazine!!!

  5. oh man! i was napping during the 13th hour!! darn:( congrats to the winner though; thats an awesome mag! my subscription is almost up; time to renew!!!

    noelle ♥

  6. Congrats Shannon! Good job!!! Smiles