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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quiz Hub

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A key piece of classroom management is assessing students' understanding of the concepts they are learning.

We'd like to introduce you to one online option for reviewing key concepts with your student.

Quiz Hub offers interactive online learning for students from K-12. Retention, of core academic skills, is the purpose of the quiz activities.

The site includes:
~Educational Quizzes: matching & fill in the blank
~Thinking Games
~Logic Puzzles

Quizzes are categorized by grade level and subject area, and cover a WIDE variety of age appropriate skills.

Quiz Hub is offering our readers a FREE account from now until April 5th.
Take a look & play a bit. Review skills typically expected of children at many different age levels. Enjoy!

Account: abc123
Password: blue

Leave a comment here letting us know what you see as the benefits of Quiz Hub. We'd love to hear your discussion. What did you like about the site? Do you have any suggestions for enhancing the service the site provides?


  1. Thanks for sharing this site. I had not seen it before. As a second grade teacher and mom of a kindergartner I think it's a nice resource. There are several activities that seem a little young for my 2nd graders, but over all they are look appropriate. I especially appreciate the math activities since I haven't found many math sites available for extra practice. I use Starfall all the time. The extra links that are available for free on the homepage are nice too. Maybe I could convince my principal to look into purchasing it for our school!