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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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Columbus Day has passed us by this year in the United States (October 12th), however we thought we'd still draw your attention to some resources for teaching your children about exploration and more!


1. To investigate systematically; examine: explore every possibility
2. To search into or travel in for the purpose of discovery

Find information, activities, and quizes related to explorers: before Columbus, Spanish explorers, Christopher Columbus, Did Columbus Really Discover America, and more.
Look through world studies plans about explorers for students of various age and ability levels. This site has many complete units.

The Explorers Theme page has information for students from K-college.

Print Explorer's Route Maps, play interactive games, read exploration legends, and more at Mr. Nussbaum's explorer homepage.

Take a look at a few scientific experiements related to space explorations.

Color, print, and play a simple Christopher Columbus game.

Make a ship in a bottle.

Read a list of facts about Columbus' ships.

Put on a 3 part skit about Christopher Columbus.

A list of important vocabulary related to explorers and expeditions is listed at Songs for Social Studies.

Look through Education World's list of key sites for teaching about explorers.

Build a fun model of a boat using one of the many suggestions at

Check out bulletin board suggestions for preparing your classroom for thematic teaching of explorers.

Search through many quality unit about explorations of all types at The Teacher's Corner.

Find Poems and Songs about explorers

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  1. I was just going through my keepsakes box and I found that exact ship in a bottle craft from when I was little!! crazy!