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Monday, October 5, 2009

Monkeying Around Monday: Fall Edition

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This edition of Monkeying Around is all about getting out and enjoying the fall season and a few other great ideas for keeping active are shared as well. We'd love to know how you stay active during the colder months so please let us know and even better post about it so we can feature you in the winter edition of Monkeying Around!

Get inspired by this great idea and play tic-tac-toe with nature! Get outdoors, go on a nature walk, and along the way keep your eyes out for any small treasures on the ground and collect them for the fun game she suggests. Thanks to Heather, from Dollar Store Crafts for contributing this at Make and Takes.

Do you have an apple orchard, pumpkin patch, or farm nearby with a large hay stack or hay pyramid? It's quite challenging, especially for little ones to climb to the top of these, and gives them a nice upper body workout! Kids of all ages will enjoy going up and down and chasing on these. Call ahead to see if there is a charge to play on it and always keep a close eye on the kids while playing!

And while we're on the topic of apple orchards and pumpkin patches, don't forget that an afternoon picking apples is not only fun but a lot of work for your little ones! Walking up and down the aisles of trees or pumpkin vines is a great way to get some sunshine and exercise. They're also fun culminating activities for harvest units.

Maureen at Spell Outloud shares three pages of great little Active Activity Cards that you can work into your kid's schedule cards. They are a great way to break up the day so you get some movement and exercise into the day. These are originally from Homeschool Shareby Candace Crabtree.

We also like Counting the House activity shared on Let's Explore. Perfect for when the days start getting chillier or if your outside plans are rained out, this one will get your kids moving all around the house on an indoor scavenger hunt.

Make your own tap shoes, as seen on Jedda's This Little Project, click on over to learn how to make them and then wear them to:

Practice counting with each jump. (by 5's, 10's, etc.)
Practice spelling words out loud with each step. You could even draw letters with sidewalk chalk and walk on them as you go.
Enjoy the SOUNDS you can make.
Make fast sounds...and s l o w sounds.
Make LOUD sounds and quiet sounds.
Pactice standing or hoping on one foot.
Work on which foot is Right and which is Left.
"hear" if you are tapping your toes to the beat-a great way to practice this life-altering skill!
Turn on the MUSIC and DANCE to it! shares great ways to make your own obstacle course at home. These are great, quick, ways to get your heart thumping and many do not require a lot of equipment.

Mr. Gym has several simple ideas to get your kids up and moving, we like:
Cooperative Games, designed to require students to work and cooperate with one another, in order to solve a problem or succeed as a team.
Small Space Games, activities that do not require a lot of room.


  1. Fun ideas to try! Thanks for the link to the tap shoes too :)

  2. What a darling pic by the tree!

    Hmmm tap shoes, what a great idea!