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Monday, October 12, 2009

Musical Monday

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Thanks so much to Stacy, the mindful mother of three and founder of Kid's Stuff World, for guest writing today's Musical Monday post!

Looking for a great way to entertain your kids when you're fresh out of ideas? Wishing you had something kid-friendly to put on for your kids to dance or something mellow you could all listen to during craft time? Wishing that all the children's music you've found didn't make you want to bury your head in a pillow? Problem Solved! All of them ... with one simple website, is the brainchild of two amazing dads, Dan Gellert and Randall Green. An online video/radio interface dedicated to finding great Kindie (independent music for kids) both children and parents can enjoy. How great is that? This pair of dad's of music loving three year olds, have done an amazing job hand selecting artists and songs and creating a super friendly website for parents and children alike.

Why We Love Them: Let me count the ways- No really, For starters, it's FREE! Sure I tried finding kids music on You Tube once or twice but the quality was poor and the good stuff tended to get lost in the mix. puts the best Kindie music at your fingertips and even offers a FREE streaming radio service. I can't tell you how many times I've turned to Jitterbug to calm my children since our move in Feb. My little ones know many of the songs by heart and ask to see the site AT LEAST once a day. KSW's Top Picks: Rainy, Rainy Day by Milkshake Everything is Alright by Big Bang Boom The Elephant Song by Eric Herman 3 Year Old Faves: Willy was a Whale by Justin Roberts Polar Bear over There by Uncle Rock I Found It by Brady Rymer 2 Year Old Faves: Spider Monkey & The Rhino Song from Big Green Rabbit Animal Alphabet Song by The Hollow Trees

Stacy is a fun-loving mother of three wonderful kids. She runs a website called, Kids Stuff World - an online resource dedicated to helping parents, teachers and adults stay grounded and connected to their loved ones, their homes and their community in the most colorful ways. You can read the full post, along with an interview of Dad's behind Jitterbug by clicking here


  1. This sounds great! I am excited to check it out--thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for this fun link. My kids are going to love it.