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Monday, November 2, 2009

Musical Monday: Radio Disney

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Music even us Moms won't mind listening to:

Lets face it sometimes listening to kiddie music is not the first thing we want to do. Right? come on you know you don’t want to listen to the Wiggles for the millionth time. :)

Radio Disney is a great option. They have regular music that is a clean version of a song you might already like on the radio like the latest Rob Thomas or David Cook. They also have their artist of course: Miley, Jonas Brothers and Selena just to name a few.

It really is a great radio station you can make a dedication to your child on their birthday, they run great contest, and have LIVE remotes all over the country.

Radio Disney is great for us because our kids are so far spaced that my oldest (9 years old) wants to listen to the latest music just like all her friends. But I don’t want her or my 3 year old to hear what some of the DJ’s or songs say on the regular stations. So Radio Disney was the answer to our prayers. The DJ’s are nice and clean on the radio, the songs are all Disney approved, and you never have to worry about anything bad being said or repeated on the radio.

If you are a kiddie music only person for your LO’s they have a great Preschool Hour that has their famous characters, new hip hop versions of the kiddie songs along with the classic versions.

So give Radio Disney a chance to find a station in your local area click here. Your kids can also watch videos from the Disney artist and stars.

Thank you so much to Shannon from Mommies Wise Little Bookworms for guest writing today's Musical Monday post!

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