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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Spotlight: The Adventures of Bear

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The Adventures of Bear was chosen as our featured blog in last month's author challenge.  We are thrilled to introduce you today to Julie and her little corner of the world wide web.  She shares the following.

We are a trilingual family. We have 2 children, a 29 month old girl and a 5 month old son. I started the blog to document things I do with Bear (the two year old) and to give back to the community of moms from whom I have gotten so many great ideas. We have more or less decided to homeschool, so I have plans to continue the blog as we proceed on our homeschooling journey.

My inspiration comes from all the other wonderful Mommy bloggers out there. Joining the blogging community has helped me at a time when I am not living in the States and don’t have much of a support system beyond my husband. It is great to be able to draw on such a wealth of ideas.

My favorite family times are when all four of us are together playing and having fun. For example tonight, we all had a wild rumpus after reading Where the Wild Things Are. Bear was Max on my back (I was the wild thing) and I danced around. Then she had a turn on my husband’s shoulders. The baby lay on the bed watching us being silly. There was a lot of laughing! I love when we are all joyful like that.

I am known for my frugality. I make a lot (almost all) of my learning materials. I don’t have access to dollar stores or the Target dollar section. I have to make do with what I have. In addition, my printer broke two months ago so right now I cannot print anything at all. You won’t see me switching out my teaching materials and doing lots and lots of seasonal things. I would love to, but I don’t. We do a lot of hands on learning with manipulatives. And we do a LOT of art. Of the Open Ended variety.

I use clothespins for lots of things. Bear’s favorite has always been the Clothespin Color Game, but we also use them for spelling.

We do a lot of art. I look for things around the house for her to use. There’s a great post of that here. Even a toy can become a painting tool.

Along with this feature on ABC, The Adventures of Bear has also been featured on Crafty Crow.

We are so glad to have creative and inspirational moms willing to contribute to our site and to share their clever ideas with all of us.  Thanks!

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