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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Alphabet: Letter S

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At Ten Kids and A Dog they used playdoh "snow" to form the letter S, great fine motor practice! We also liked their snowman cottonball activity, good for 1:1 correspondence, click over to get a link to the printable.
Another fun shiny letter S activity is the Silver S that Refined Metals Academy made. Make sure you visit her post to see the paper spiders they also made.
Mari-Ann at Counting Coconuts shares lots of letter S ideas, dividing them up by content area. We were happy to note how the items in her son's Letter S box helped him master the /s/ sound. Manipulatives likes these are a good way to make a concept concrete for young learners. We also like how she incorporates a letter concept into fine motor practice by having her son move strawberries with tong. That's a good way to get fingers ready for writing.
Angela at Ever Abiding shared her cute idea to look animals in the snow, i.e. an bowl of instant snow, this activity is a literature connection to the book Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost. Click on over to her post to see two suggestions for letter S related sensory activities.
Miller Moments shared three fun letter S activities, we like S is for stamping especially. It's easy to stretch this activity into a math one too. Have your kids use the stamps to stamp simple patterns, like ABAB or AABBAA, etc. Or you can have your kids stamp out a specific number.
They also shared some additional Letter S projects, like these solar system art projects made with sponges. You can see their two cute snowman projects in the same post.
We love how Mama Jenn used recycled something that normally ends up in the trash, to make this cute spider.

At Pocketful of Posies, they made these lacing suns. She's also made some sun themed number cards you download, check out the post for the link.

Pockeful of Posies also used spools to paint during their Letter S activities, and they also did a fun literature based activity with coffee filters based on The Snowy Day by Ezar Jack Keats. Check it out!

At Apples and Jammies they made sequined letter Ss for their ABC Book, check out their letter T and U pages in the same post.
We leave you with a fun way to wrap up your letter S practice, with a healthy Sunshine Snack! Thanks Mama Jenn!

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  1. We just posted "S is for Snow", We would love for you to add your "letter S" post to our letter S linky party. Hope to see you there! :-)