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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday Parties for Boys

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! If you're still searching for great green ideas, check out the linky party from last week!

Today we've got several great party ideas that would be a fun way to celebrate anyone's special day, and are especially popular themes and appropriate for boys...big and little☺ We've given just a few teaser details about most of these parties, so be sure make sure you head over and read the complete posts from these fabulous bloggers. Leave 'em a little comment love too☺

Rebecca at Roots and Wings made these Lego chocolates for her Super Awesome Lego Party, we agree with the title of her celebration. There are so many Lego themed touches, you have got to check it out for yourself, even the ice, goodie boxes, and favors are Lego shaped or made out of them! Their family loves this theme, as it's the second one they've had this year, check out the post linked to above for links to the other party.

Aren't these Lego themed treat bags great, and they look simple to put together - always a bonus in our books! Bobbi at Casa Camacho put together a bunch of Lego themed fun for her son's 10th birthday party.

Bobbi also threw a fun comic book themed birthday party, this one was for her husband but we know plenty of action heros in training who would also love this party theme.

One of our readers, Cynthia sent us the details on three parties she's thrown for her son over the years. When he was three they had a pirate party:

"I made the cake from ideas I found online - a full, 3D pirate ship with mast, sails, cannons, and gold treasure! His "big" gift from us that year was a plastic splash pool from Step2 - so we brought it inside and put a piece of lumber across it from end to end. Then the kids had to "walk the plank" towards the front door at the end of the party, where they received their "booty bag" and headed home. Also, because the dollar spot at Target had pirate stuff a few months before, each guest had the option of dressing up with a vest, eye patch, or bandana when they arrived (and could also take home)."

When he turned 4, he requested a dinosaur theme:

"I made an erupting volcano cake (also from ideas found online). When he turned 5 last year, we had a superhero training camp at our house (superhero themed party). We turned our backyard into an obstacle course and tried to wear them out while practicing strength and agility. They played "Pin Spiderman on the Web" while blindfolded to test their x-ray vision. The month before the party, I bartered with other crafty moms for hand-sewn capes since I don't sew... and each child could dress up and take one home if they chose."

Great parties Cynthia! We love the idea of bartering with friends with different skills! What a nice way to work together.

Angee from Dresses and Messes shared her Pirate's Party. They made pirate hats, played "Sink the Enemy", enjoyed the fabulous looking ship cake shared above, and play more fun themed games.

My Bilingual Boys celebrated her son's fourth birthday with a Pirate Party that included making sticker treasure maps and a treasure hunt. Isn't that one great cake, stop by to read her tips on how she made it.

She also made this volcano cake, for a Dinosaur Party, a little dry ice in a shot glass made it smoke and added an extra touch of realism.

Rachel at Coffee Talkin' Mama threw an Space Birthday Party when her son turned six. They made cool looking alien masks and a really neat landing on the moon cake.

Katie from A List Maker's Life put together a Robot party for her son's 5th birthday.