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Monday, March 1, 2010

Classroom Organization

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Thanks to Starr for submitting her articles on Organizing a Learning Environment.
She shares the top ten tips from organized moms about creating an environment that promotes learning. Her link contains a slide show of excellent example photos.
Here is a sample from the Top 10 list:

1. Use clear containers. Clear containers allow both kids and adults to see what materials are inside without tearing everything out of the drawers and cabinets. To facilitate cleanup, label each drawer. If your child is too young to read, put a picture of the item on the front of the drawer. The favorite product of the organized parents that I talked to were plastic drawer units like this one.

2. Put posters and visual aids at kid eye level. It does not matter what kind of great visuals you have if the kids can't get close and look at them.

3. Display books with the covers facing out. This creates interest and invites reading much more than seeing just the book spines. For a cheap way to display books using recycled cardboard containers, look here.

4. Use TV trays. TV trays can be pulled out to display a science experiment or art project and then be easily tucked away when not in use.
Want to see how others organize their learning spaces?  Scroll through this post to see examples of using space to the fullest from many parents/teachers who made it happen!
In the past ABC&123 hosted a link party for organization suggestionsThe Wonder Years chimed in and shared a wealth of suggestions, one of which was to use pencil storage pockets to sort classroom manipulatives and games.


  1. LOVE some of these ideas!!! I love organization ideas. Thanks for posting.

  2. Oh what a great idea, using pencil pouches!!

  3. Love the pencil pouches! Ingenious! Will definitely try these for some of my seasonal center materials!