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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen

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Today's Kids in the Kitchen post includes more than just ideas for recipes to make with your kids, read along to find our reader's tips for food related lessons, activities, and tips.

Melissa at Lulu the Baker, has put together a series of children's cookbook reviews. She what she thinks about several titles you may be thinking about adding to your selection of cookbooks. I had been wondering about the title above, and I appreciated the good and bad points about each title that she points out.
Christianne at Little Page Turners sent us a review for this children's cookbook, find out how the Carrot Pennies came out by clicking over to read it.

Jessica at Brixton Lane put together this healthy choices bucket for her daughter. Now even if they're in a rush she'll have healthy choices to pick from.

We like this open ended activity at Mama Bear's Clubhouse. Part food and part art activity, Melinda's kids were encouraged to use the food she cut up and be creative. Head over to see her post and the fun things the kids made.


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