ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: National Candy Day

Thursday, November 4, 2010

National Candy Day

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If your house looks at all "post Halloween sugar overloaded" like mine does, maybe you will be ready to use your sweets for something other than eats. Happy National Candy Day! Put those colorful, chocolatey calories to work for these learning activities.

Skittles Math from Lesson Plans Page

Skittle Math

This fantastic resource has many worksheets for students of several ages to practice math skills using Skittles.

Graphing with M&Ms from Quirky Momma

Graphing with Smarties from Science at Home

Multi-Candy Math from Treasure Seekers
She also shares links to some other candy related learning ideas.

Candy Corn Math from Raising Creative and Curious Kids

Candy Science Experiment- Does it Float?
Objective: To see what types of candy float.
Materials: Variety of leftover Halloween candy, bowl of water, chart to record the results of your experiment

Smartie Cell Phone
Objective: To practice your phone number
Materials: Construction Paper, Permanent Marker, & Smartie

1. Cut out the large blue rectangle for the phone and a small square for the screen.
2. Write the numbers on phone to make the buttons.
3. Write the numbers from 1-9 on the Smarties and have your child match them up and glue them to the paper.
4. Write your phone number on the screen and have your child use the "buttons" to practice their phone number.

Sorting Smarties
Objective: To practice sorting by color.
Materials: Muffin Tins & Smarties

1. Place one Smartie in each Muffin Tin of a different color.
2. Have your child sort the pile of Smarties (according to color) into the different tins.

Quirky Momma had fun making these and the kids had fun sorting the jelly beans and creating the pattern that they would wear.


  1. There is also that has a whole bunch of science experiments with candy. We had a blast playing with candy on Monday. We also made Tootsie Roll Fudge. Yummy!


  2. Love this post!! We just posted a bunch of ideas for using up candy and these activities would have been perfect for that post.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

  4. Such GREAT ideas!!! Can't wait to put them to use!