ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Animals in the Snow

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Animals in the Snow

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The Adventures of Bear did a fatty experiment to understand how it is that polar bears can survive in such extreme cold.

Preschool, What Fun We Have has another variation on the experiment shown above. How do animals stay warm in the winter?

Whimsical Ways created a sorting and graphing activity using animal that like and dislike the snow.

Playing by the Book has a textured winter animal picture craft to go along with the book Polly and the North Star.

2 Teaching Mommies put together an activity sheet for making obsevations about snow.

Fun4Kids has an amazing post all about Animals in the Winter. There is a list of great books included, as well as rhymes and finger plays. You will also find a collage activity demonstrating animals in the winter and a super cute cardboard box bear cave. The textured polar bear craft is so fun too!


  1. I'm having trouble linking to that last teaching blog for the hibernation activity. Could you provide the link, please?


    ~Mrs. Beck

  2. Awesome links! We have been reading penguin books and learning about Antarctica and are planning to visit the Arctic, next. These are helpful ideas.