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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Play To Learn: Education Cubes

Hi and welcome to Play To Learn!

I’m so excited to share a new game that’s all about learning with you today! My good friend Mama Jenn just launched her new Education Cubes website where you can download TONS of different printables for learning with her education cubes and it’s perfect for my Play To Learn posts!

Education Cubes

Education Cubes are fun educational printable cards that are to be used with Stack-N-Smile Photo blocks. Mama Jenn has created cards for just about any subject you can ask for! What I love most about the Education Cubes is that they’re fun! All my kiddos loved these and seriously, if learning can be this much fun count me in!

So far she has the following available:

  • Early Learning: Alphabet, Calendar, Colors, (Numbers & Shapes coming soon)
  • Language Arts: Alphabet, Dolch Site Words, Word Families (SWR Spelling coming soon)
  • Math: Addition, Subtraction, Measurement, Numbers, Ordinal & Roman Numerals, (Multiplication, Division and Shapes are coming soon)
  • Science: Earth Science (Biology & Chemistry coming soon)
  • Geography: US Geography, US History (World Geography & World History coming soon)
  • Electives: Bible & Spanish
  • Misc: Christmas

She was even nice enough to create a set of them for my Letter of the Week curriculum!

COAH Letter of the Week Capital Letters[7]

My daughter had so much fun rolling the cubes then saying the letter that each picture started out with, it was a great way to review letter sounds.


I have to say that Mama Jenn definitely found a great way to make math fun! My kids loved rolling their dice! She currently has addition, subtraction, measurement, Numbers, Ordinal & Roman Numerals and is working on multiplication, division and shapes.


I’m doing a giveaway for Education Cubes this week too and wanted to share it with you all too!


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  1. Thanks Erica! I had no idea you were sharing Education Cubes for your Play to Learn post! Thanks so much!!! You rock!!!

  2. I know, what better place than a Play to Learn series!?!