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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Spotlight: Meet Shannon

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Today's post comes with an apology for Shannon! She was ready with her post in plenty of time for her feature, however we had difficulty on our end with her pictures. Unfortunately, we didn't get it resolved in time for her Feature Me Friday. Instead we are giving her a special spot today!

I'm a stay at home mom to 2 wonderful girls ages 10 and 4. I was a preschool lead teacher for almost 11 years working with all ages and types of preschool settings. I love books and feel that books should be the main role in children's education. My blog Welcome To Our Wonderland is all about children's books (picture book to tween books) and how to extend books into a whole learning experience. So grab a cup of tea and Welcome To Our Wonderland!

My blogs primary focus is Books, Nature and Art the 3 loves of my girls and me. I love to take a book and extend into a whole learning adventure. Most of our books come from the library and as we are reading the ideas start swirling around in my head. So story time crafts are big in our house and we like mixing them up with alphabet crafts. My youngest can't get enough of alphabet crafts she loves seeing what new ideas we can do with letters. It is great and has helped her as she has a big love of words, spelling and reading.

Books: One of our story time crafts that is still hanging up in the playroom is our Tulip Footprints we did after reading the Rainbow Fairies book: The Tulip Fairy.

tulip fairy and footprints

We also try to do a book, a craft and a movie when we find a great movie we love. We have done Where the Wild Things Are, and The Spiderwick Chronicles. Next up is Ramona and Beezus we love that movie so much!!!

A book, A craft, A movie

Art: We love art and have art supplies available in just about any room in the house. I like the concept of Open Art for 99%of their art. Art is such a great way for children to explore their surroundings, environment and use their senses with art they are free to make what ever they want and it also great for developing those fine motor skills and muscles. I rotate our art supplies weekly in the main art area so each week is a little different plus it give my girls a chance to explore a art medium that I might not have had out for a while.

Shades of Blue Rotating Art

Nature: Nature is wonderful, free and so inspiring. One of our favorite things we did with sticks we collected in our yard was make a game of pick up sticks, remember that game I loved it when I was their age!

pick up sticks

So grab some books, art supplies and go outside and explore your yard and world with your kids that is what my blog Welcome To Our Wonderland is all about!


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