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Monday, January 17, 2011

Teaching with Ticia: coloring books

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This may seem kind of like a weird topic, but there's some great learning coloring books out there.  In particular any that are paired with a book.

I was lucky enough to find at Barnes and Noble a few years ago a copy of "Santa Mouse," and the coloring book that used the same illustrations.  I went through and copied most of the pictures from it that helped tell the story, colored, and laminated them.

This year we read the book, and then afterwards I pulled out my pictures and we used them as a story-stretcher.

First we reviewed the story looking at the book and making sure we understood the order of the events.


Then we took the pictures and put them in order of the events of the story.  This was also a great way to reinforce left to right, as we put the pictures down just as we would if we were reading.


Then they took turns putting the pictures in different orders and making up their own stories.

As an alternative if you can't find a coloring book for the pictures you can also scan the actual pictures from the book in.  Back when I was teaching I scanned in pictures from most of the books I used regularly and then printed them on cardstock.  I then also wrote a sentence to go with the picture and we used it as an activity for learning "Beginning, Middle, and End."


  1. Great tip Ticia! I like Jan Brett's site for lots of book related coloring pages.