ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Animal Facts and Fun for Earth Day

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Animal Facts and Fun for Earth Day

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Handprint and Footprint Art read Wee Chick and made a cute chick to go along with the story.

Whimsical Ways put together pictures of animal prints in cubes that would be wonderful for teaching young children to identify animals and practice animal sounds (an important way to develop different speech sounds).

Quirky Momma suggests using basic shapes cut from felt to create animals.

Put together a paper plate elephant with the instructions shared on Children's Learning Activities.

Set up a Pennies for Polar Bears or Loose Change for Lions Drive to help save endangered animals.  See this idea and many more at Green School Network.

Review this list to find out the 10 Most Endangered Animals!
Amazing animals are all around us – whether we live in the suburbs, the city or the country.

The Kratt brothers’ (of the TV adventure series, Wild Kratts) love of animals stems from their experience with creatures right in their backyard when they were kids. Here are facts about just some of the fascinating creatures you may encounter in your backyard!

~Gray squirrels are found in several regions of the U.S., just one of these bushy-tailed creatures can bury and hide thousands of acorns in a single season.

~Pigeons feed their babies, or “squabs,” a milk-like substance.

~The wiggly Earthworm don’t have lungs, instead they use their skin to breathe.

~The Peregrine Falcon is a formidable hunter which flies at speeds of up to 240 mph to catch its prey midflight.

~ Raccoons are famous for “washing” their food – but they really feel for food in the water with their very sensitive hands! Plus raccoons just like to handle their food before they eat it.

Tune in to 2 new episodes of Wild Kraffs for more interesting animal information just in time for Earth Day!


  1. You've been awarded!

  2. We learned about Sea Otters this week. It's a little upsetting to learn just how many animals are threatened.

  3. What a cute hand print chick! Love the yarn tuft! :)