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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rip the Page: Adventures in Creative Writing

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"Brandy said...
My daughter is gifted in language and would adore this book! She gets so giddy over word play and is constantly writing creatively. Thank you for this chance!"

April is National Poetry Month.  Poetry is one of those creative writing ventures that you can't just teach with a simple 1, 2, 3.  There are many formula type poems: Bio Poems, Haiku, Acrostics, Limericks, and more.  Yet, quality poetry requires a different way of thinking, looking at the world, and honestly reflecting on it.

True poetry requires word play, imagination, open ended questions, and plenty of blank pages for words to roam.  Rip the Page! provides just what writers of all ages need to turn on their creative writing brain.  Karen Benke, an experienced teacher of poetry, has put together an exciting resource for writers who are willing to explore.

My first grader and I have spent many April evenings diving in to the adventures offered on each page of this "Just Do It" book.  I would never describe myself as a creative writer, but I will tell you what this book makes it fun!  We started with the first exercise in the book, an open ended statement, "I Write with..."  It was exciting to see Gavin begin to think beyond his pencil and paper.

Another exercise encouraged us to name each of our fingers and toes.  It was interesting to watch my son thoughtfully consider what each one of his fingers should be named and why.  Since I have never named his fingers as pointer, ring man, and pinky he really had no schema tying his imagination down on this one.

Rip the Page encourages vocabulary and word experimentation in a way that is zany and entertaining.

As writers work their way around the book they are encouraged by notes from famous authors such as Annie Barros, Lemony Snicket, and Patricia Polacco.

According to the press release for the book,
"The exercises in Rip the Page! aren’t designed like a school assignment or extra-credit composition. They’re meant to amuse and inspire your child, showing him or her how fun and freeing creative writing can be even when it’s not being graded. Benke, who has led creative writing workshops for children for sixteen years, knows what kinds of prompts excite her students and how to get their pens moving."
This eye catching, engaging book would be a wonderful addition to any classroom.  With a very reasonable price it would be a nice gift for your favorite teacher during Teacher Appreciate week or as a year end gift. for ordering information, additional reviews, and a workshop possibilities check out Karen's site.

We are pleased to be able to offer one of our readers a copy of the book thanks Shambhala Publications, Inc.  Leave a word or two of your own in the comment blank to be entered to win. 

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  1. Love it! I can't wait to check this out.

  2. This look like so much fun for budding writers, thanks!
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  3. My daughter is gifted in language and would adore this book! She gets so giddy over word play and is constantly writing creatively. Thank you for this chance!

    thelacy4 at windstream dot net

  4. My daughter would really enjoy this book! Thanks.

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