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Monday, May 2, 2011

Teaching with Ticia: making science real

I love to make science as hands on as possible.  You may not have figured that out yet, but I do.  It's going to become a bit more difficult because the kids and I have just started studying marine life, and I have no intentions of getting a fish.

What I love about this particular picture is how much this activity stuck with the kids.  It wasn't a lot of prep work, or anything.  We just were reading about the behavior of male birds to attract mates.

Here's the listed activities: puffing out their throats to attract her attention, jumping and flashing their feathers, and singing.

Can you guess which one Batman is doing?

According to him, he's jumping to get the girl bird's attention.

Why is this the subject of my post?  Because sometimes science is this simple.  Because of this activity they can tell you all about how male birds try to get the girl bird's attention.  They also noticed a parallel between birds and the fish we started to read about.

Sometimes it really is that simple.  What simple activity has impacted your kids or your students?


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