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Monday, May 16, 2011

Teaching with Ticia: United States Geography

I'm so excited because we're going to be going through the 50 states here at ABC & 123!  I emailed the idea to Katie and Katie and they loved it, and they suggested making it a linkie so you guys can join in the fun.

Here's the idea:  Once a month I'll write a post showcasing a unit study my kids and I did for either one or two states, and if you have a post about that particular state you link up with whatever you have.

Examples of things you might link: fun activity you did in your state, what's different about your state, a fun site to visit or historical site.  Each state has something super cool to share about it, why not show it off for everyone to see?

Here's our tentative schedule for the first few months, we might accelerate this if it's feeling too slow, and if I can get my act together faster.  There's a lot of information to sort through.

June 6- Symbols of the United States and Delaware
July 4- Pennsylvania (this date may change, I need to double check).
August 8-New Jersey and Georgia
September 5-Massachusetts
October 3-Maryland and South Carolina
November 7-New Hampshire and Virginia
December 5-New York

We'll be going through the states by order of entry into the Union.  For our family it's also a great way to get in some United States history, which is harder to do with younger guys.


  1. This is a fantastic idea! Count me in! I can't wait! Projects are so much more fun when we do them together! I already have some ideas i can't wait to share.

  2. Ooohhh!!! I like that Pennsylvania is on July 4th! We're going back home to Pittsburgh for vacation in July! Perfect tie-in!

  3. Ticia! Thanks for organzing this. I am really looking forward to seeing all the great ideas and information. It is sure to be a fantastic resource!