ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: What time is it Mr. Crocodile?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What time is it Mr. Crocodile?

Rachelle here from What the Teacher Wants!  Happy May everyone! It's still snowing in Utah, but I never expect anything different! :)

This activity is for reviewing time with your students.

Start by reading this book:
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After reading the book, "What Time is it Mr. Crocodile?" you are going to play a game to practice telling time.  One student is the Crocodile and must wait outside of the classroom. 
Draw a digital time card out of the bag {cards available for download below} and show the students. Call on a student to come up and put that time on an analog Judy Clock or an analog Large Clock Mat.  Ask the Crocodile to come back into the class. When the Crocodile enters the classroom, the rest of the students ask, "What time is it Mr. Crocodile?". The Crocodile must then write the time on the board and tell the students the time out loud {to get all students involved, have each student write the correct answer on a marker board and hide their answer form the Crocodile}. If the Crocodile is correct, the students will make a crocodile motion with their arms.  Call on another student until each child has had a turn to be the Crocodile.

Assessment {Here's an example of one of the assessments. There are 3 (for all grade levels)}:


 Clipart and/or fonts are copyright DJ Inkers and used with permission:
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  1. This would go great with the Peter Pan unit Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations is creating right now.

    Or a Peter Pan unit in general.

  2. I love this fun book. It offers a great way to read in differnt voices. My kids love it when we read it so silly! Thanks for the ideas.

  3. That's a great crocodile game for practicing time!
    Our girls are learning now too - and love having their own watches to wear to practice!

    We posted about an activity we did with our girls to practice estimations and time if you're interested:

    Be Our Best

  4. I love this book and what a great activity. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.