ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Show and Tell #64

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Show and Tell #64

Welcome to the 64th edition of Show and Tell! This week we are pleased to share our own piece of Show and Tell.  We have an exciting new sponsor on board on ABC & 123.  Please welcome ESGI!  They have created a must have instructional tool for teachers.

ESGI (Educational Software for Guiding Instruction) is a simple website used by thousands of PreK - 1st grade teachers to test and organize one-on-one assessment data.  The student being tested looks at the screen, and the teacher clicks to mark correct items.  This replaces paper check-off lists and traditional assessment packets.  With ESGI, assessment go 3 times faster, and the computer does all of the tallying and reporting.

ESGI was created by a kindergarten teacher who knows how primary classrooms run, and what is needed by teachers.  The reports include a parent letter with their child's test results, and personalized flash cards based on the items a student answered incorrectly.

Common tests such as Upper and Lowercase Letters and sounds, sight words, number recognition, shapes, phonemic awareness, and phonics are pre-loaded, but teachers can also add their own tests!

ESGI has been endorsed by Dr. Jean, Jack Hartmann, Kim Jordano (kinderbykim), Kim Adsit, Donna Whyte, and many other well respected educators. 

Thousands of teachers in over 46 states have discovered ESGI, and refuse to go back to paper and pencil.  Try a 60 day Free Trial to see for yourself how easy it is!

Now, here is a small sample of all the amazing things you have been up to Showing and Telling lately!

Serenity You gives a suggestion for recording summer memories in a special diary.  No matter how you choose to do it, this is a great time of year to teach your kids to record their daily activities.

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational created a fantastic flag themed activity for practicing fractions.  My little guys have a nautical themed room, so this idea quickly grabbed my attention.

Raising Memories has put together a sewing tutorial for topping your favorite storage unit with a window seat pillow.

It's your turn!
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  1. Thanks SO much for featuring our fraction flags. I'm so flattered! That was SUCH a fun project for my son.

  2. I added my link twice.....sooo sorry! :/ When I tried to do it earlier today my cpu turned off and then I wasn't able to see this post so I just figured it didn't go through. I would delete one, but I'm not quite sure how. Number 4 and 19 are my links. Sorry again!