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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bilingual Wednesdays - October words

October is here and it is time to add new Spanish words to our  Bilingual Word Wall center.

I use my Word Wall Center as a systematically organized collection of words displayed in large letters on a wall in my classroom. It is a tool designed to promote group learning. 
I add the new words kids need to know monthly.

These are some of the new words for October.

October / Octubre
Cat / Gato
Moon / Luna
Grave / Tumba
Broom / Escoba
Bat / MurciƩlago
Witch / Bruja
Pumpkin / Calabaza

New Word Wall words are introduced by having the children:
 *see the word 
* say the word 
* chant the word 
* hunt the word
* find the word

Then, once in the center children can 
* draw the word
* write the word (with my older kids)
* check the word
* stamp the word
* cut and paste the word
* trace the word

either in English and in Spanish. 

You will find the word wall cards in the pack and some follow up worksheets here:

Find it. Check it

Find it. Copy it.

Read it. Trace it.

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