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Monday, December 5, 2011

Teaching with Ticia: Virginia

For some reason I love the state of Virginia.  As a kid I was able to visit there once or twice and when I was pregnant with my daughter I got to visit Colonial Williamsburg, so it holds very happy memories for me.  Also several of the people I admire from American history are from there.  Needless to say I very much enjoyed this state.

Items for the lapbook:

Chincoteague pony-There are several books written about this island, including "Misty of Chincoteague," which would make a great read aloud.  Afterwards they created what their ideal pony would look like.

George Washington- This is a 3 page book, and on each page they had to write something they learned from the two books we read about George Washington.

State Symbols booklet- I continue to be amused when states choose milk as their state drink.

My Dream Home- Thomas Jefferson designed Monticello himself.  We simply folded a half sheet of paper in half and on the front drew the outside of the house, and inside drew what they would include in their house.

Patrick Henry- After reading David Adler's book we wrote down the 3 jobs he did and how well he did at them.  It was a great way to emphasize even famous historical figures didn't succeed at first.

Robert E Lee- again this is a simple piece of paper folded in half, on the front is glued a painting of Robert E Lee I found with a Google search.  Inside they wrote what they learned about Robert E Lee.

Confederate and Union Soldiers-These are from Junior General, a site which is great for reenacting battles so that kids are better able to understand history.  I also printed off copies of the Monitor and the Merrimac, two historic ships from the Civil War.

Promise Quilt- This is a very cute story about a little girl who misses her Dad after he has gone off to fight in the Civil War.  He promised her he would come back, but he died in a Union hospital.  The story is how she works with her mother to make the last promise her Dad made come true.  After reading this we made "quilt squares."  This could be a great geometry lesson.

Things not in the lapbook:

"imprint of George Washington's teeth"- like in the story of "George Washington's Teeth" we made imprints of items using play dough.  Of course in the actual book they made it out of plaster of paris.

Sparks Fly High- this is a fabulous folk tale, and I was not able to think of any good tangible activities to go with this, but we did have lots of fun dancing after reading this story.  I highly recommend this story because it is very cute.

A Horse's Tale: Colonial Williamsburg- we played a game I have from a history book, but you could also go to the Colonial Williamsburg site and play any of the online games they have there.  You can spend HOURS on this site.

Possible extensions:

Battle of Yorktown, Battle of Appomatox, Monitor and Merrimac, Underground Railroad, Martha Washington



  1. Thank you Ticia for some great resources!

  2. You forgot Jamestown---the very first settlement! And what about the story of the REAL Pocahontas? She didn't fall in love with John Smith, but she did save him.

    Don't forget peanuts and Virginia ham :)