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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thematic Learning: The Grinch

These first grade learning activities, from Babbling Abby, could be adapted to work for any early elementary classroom who wants to have a little fun with the Grinch!  She has provided downloads for several great center activities and I love the Grinch glue.

Plan your Grinch Day with help from The First Grade Parade.  The students studied adjectives while talking about the Grinch and his heart.  They all left school with "Grinch-licked" candy canes with an adorable tag put together by their teacher.

Put some empty toilet paper tube, or film canisters, to a silly use by creating these Grinch stuck in a chimney crafts.

Teaching in High Heels used the Grinch creatively for a writing prompt.

Here is a sweet printable inspired by the Grinch.

Sugar Swings adds the sweet to the Grinch with these cupcakes.

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