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Monday, February 13, 2012

eBooks to Enhance Your Homeschool

Happy Monday Friends!  While doing a little bit of searching today for links to share with you, as well as some resources for the grad class I am currently enrolled in,  I came across two resources I was excited to share with you.

Holy Spirit Led Homeschool is offering a free eBook to all of their facebook page likers.  The book titled 100 Indoor Activities for Kids {TV Not Included} looks promising.  I just downloaded it myself and look forward to browsing through it for some ideas for our children.  Once you have liked the page you will see a tab under their sidebar image that says "Free eBook"
Simply Living for Him is also offering two free eBooks to those who like their facebook page.  The book, Simply Homeschool: Having less clutter and more joy in your homeschool, is written to be a great encouragement for homeschool parents.  The second free title is Unplug You Mind and Recharge Your Soul.  Again, I have not read either of these yet, but am anxious to take a look.
Neither of these pages are advertisers or  affiliate links, just interesting resources I thought you might enjoy.  I'd love to hear if you know of other free eBooks to enhance teaching and learning!
Also, if you haven't done so already we would love if you like ABC & 123's Facebook page as well!  

Have a great evening!


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