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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Handwriting Tool: Word Spacing

My daughter is a Kindergartener , which means she is also a beginning writer.  It has been delightful to watch her figure out the sound/symbol relationships and now she is becoming more aware of writing conventions.  In the past few days she has been analyzing the spacing between words in all types of print media.  She is quite concerned that some magazines don't have a big enough "finger space."  Her interest in this developing skill encouraged me to check into the type of tools you are all using to teach this beginning writing skill.

Thoughts from a Kindergarten Teacher explains how to use Mr. Spacey to teach Kinders the importance of spacing between words.

Debbie's Resource Cupboard has a downloadable Space ship.

Remind students to use proper spacing with this 5 Finger Rubric from Kindergarten Crayons.
The Long Way Around introduced some cute little Spacemen.
The Enchanted Homeschool submitted a wonderful link for a Helpful Handwriting Tool.  She explains:
Learning Objective:
The general purpose of this tool is to help children with spacing. I know that the rule of thumb is to teach children that they need a “finger tip” of space between each word in their writing but my kids lost that concept within a week or two, especially my son who struggled with handwriting initially due to lack of interest and being left handed. So I came up with this tool! 


-         1 Sticker (either leave the manufacturers backing on it or place the sticker on a piece of paper so there is no sticky side left)
-         Elmer’s glue
-         1 Large sized regular old paper clip
-         Small piece of wax paper
-         Scissors


  1. My son likes to use simple post it notes - the thin bookmark type. He loves moving them from space to space and it is helpful that they stick in place while he writes the next word. I love the little paperclip figures and the spacemen on the craft sticks - very fun!

  2. I love your blog and follow you on my google reader. Thanks for all the great ideas :)

    I hope you don't mind, and please delete if you think my comment is inappropriate BUT, I just wanted to mention that I stopped using Sparklebox some time ago. I believe many schools in the UK have banned the site. The owner of Sparklebox has (according to newspaper articles) been jailed for very serious child pornography. Please check this out for yourself, but, I did my homework and stopped using it because every click probably still generates money for this individual even in jail. Sorry :(

  3. ACK! Thanks for the information Shar Dean. I wish I would have looked into that more carefully before using their link!

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  5. I only found out when I searched to see if there was a Facebook page and found a 'Teachers Against Sparklebox' instead! :0

    I have found some alternatives which I posted on my blog and there are also some alternative sites on the Facebook site.

    Again, I hope you don't mind my posting :)

  6. Oh my goodness! I love your blog. It is precious. What a fun time in your daughter's life. It's an amazing time to watch.

    I'm your newest follower!

    Love this!


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