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Monday, March 26, 2012

Movement and Music: Learning to Follow Directions

Hi, I'm Jedda from This Little Project. Learning to follow directions is
an important {little project} that we've been working on recently.

Today my focus is on "moving in the right direction." Learning to follow directions 
is more fun with music, so I've included some fun songs below too!

With Easter coming up, there are plastic eggs everywhere and I made 2 egg hunts for my kids:  
One for learning right/left and counting.  
And the other one is for learning north/south/east/west directions.

I also made a printable for you to use in your eggs to write your directions.

Before you do your egg hunt, sing these songs so you'll have your directions figured out.

One of my favorite ways to practice following directions and right/left is the hokey pokey!

 This is a fun song to sing and watch to practice right/left, forward/backwards.  These are directions you will need for one of the egg hunts.

This is the only song I could find with north/south/east/west direction words.  These are the directions you need to do the second egg hunt.  If you know of other songs to share, please leave a comment below.

Another fun way to practice right/left is to make a maraca out of a plastic egg and then call out right/left and shake it in the correct hand.
You can have lots of movement and music fun with a maraca!

For more ideas check out all my music and movement here!


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