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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teaching with Ticia: Louisiana

Louisiana is a fun place to study.  There is a lot of history, culture, and art to look at there.  It's also a fun place to visit, which I discovered last spring when I spent a day or so driving through there.

What's on here:
My plan to save the levies- One of the things we talked about is the devastation Katrina had on New Orleans, and how we can work to prevent that.  We talked through it, but since it was mostly talking I don't have any picture to go for that activity.

Down in Louisiana- I discovered a great Louisiana author who has several books set in various parts of Louisiana, this first one is "Down in Louisiana," a twist on a traditional song.  The book is made in collage style and I encourage the kids to create a collage of different animals mentioned.  They didn't always go with my plans and instead opted to draw their creations.

Chef Creole- This is an imaginative book using food from Creole culture to create a person.  Again this book was done in collage style, and many of the kids opted to make collages, however this child did not.  So, if you want to see other examples go to the full post.

The Blues music- I found a fun retelling of Bremen Town Musicians as the "Ol' Boogie-Woogie Blues Bayou," and my kids thoroughly enjoyed it.  When paired with a blues song from Fantasia 2000, it led to a fun experiment in art.  I have to say, any time I get to pull Gershwin music into school work is a win for me.

Other things not included in the lapbook because they were lost or misplaced:

Mardi Gras masks, a great excuse to make costumes.  Little Wonder Days also has some fun Mardi Gras posts with a mask idea and a yummy looking cookie.

State symbol book- I had fun pulling some ideas from the state symbols with Louisiana.

Crawfish- I always love to compare what is real in a fiction book with what isn't.

Jean Laffitte and the Big Ol' Whale- This was a fun opportunity to throw in some art projects.  There's apparently several tall tales about this pirate, and he also participated in........

The Battle for New Orleans- which features Andrew Jackson from Tennessee.  If I was writing this post a week later, I'd have a better post to link to about that battle, but we just finished doing our War of 1812 activity Friday.

And finally, I found this post amongst my pins and bookmarks about Louisiana, All Things Beautiful is working her way through the states and has a different take than I do on it, she does more cooking, and you have to try some of her recipes.

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