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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Snowflake Sculptures, Rhymes, Stamps & Crafts

Welcome 2013! There isn't enough snow yet in our city for winter sports or snowmen, but the kids are ready to play with snowflakes.  Here are a few suggestions for some snow-y learning until the real white stuff covers the ground.

Snowflake Rhymes from The Adventures of Bear
suggested age: toddler/early elementary

Snowflake Sculptures from A List Maker's Life
suggested age: elementary+

Snowflake Mosaics from Thomas Elementary Art
suggested age: upper elementary
Snowflake Symmetry from Love2Learn2Day
suggested age: elementary
The Shapes and Classes of Snowflakes defined from Somethin Ordinary: Nature's Spectacular Geometry
suggested age: middle school+

3D Paper Snowflakes from Mathematics World
suggested age: elementary+

Make a Flake - Interactive Online Snowflake Cutting Game
suggested age: any

Gross Motor Snowflake Games - Playing with Words 365
suggested age: preschool

Blizzard Effect Snowflake Painting - To the Lesson
suggested age: preschool/elementary
DIY Snowflake Ballerinas  - Good Ideas for You {printable template}
suggested age: elementary +

{some links re-posted from winter 2009}

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  1. Last year we learned the right way to make paper snowflakes. Yes, there is a right way! We read the book The Secret Life of a Snowflake. Such a beautiful and fascinating book! Ties in perfect with your snowy fun!