ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Getting Creative with #DuckBrandTape

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Getting Creative with #DuckBrandTape

While attending Family Forward last week, our family had the chance to connect with Duck Brand Duct Tape during a project oriented session encouraging families to start a tradition of creating together.

Our family worked together to create 3 different projects of 3 different skill levels.

Beginner Project: 
Duck Brand Tape Bow attached to a Tape Headband

Intermediate Project: 
A Golden Wallet

Advanced Project: 
Super Hero Accessories

This session was a highlight of the conference for my kids and since we have been home they have been dreaming up, and searching Pinterest for, more duct tape projects.  Here are a few ideas for getting ready for back to school in Duck Brand Tape style!

iPhone or iPad case:  It's Overflowing

Locker Mirror: Rykauna's Ruffles

Lunch Bag: Pinterest

File Folders from The Silver Lining

Heart2Home: Drawer Caddies

Did you know?

The popular product, Cricut, used for scrap booking and creating fantastic classroom bulletin boards can also cut custom designs into Duck BrandTape?  Experiment with it. It's fun! Using Duck Tape would be an easy variation on the personalized pencil case shared on Chase the Stars.


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