ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Organizing the Back to School Wardrobe

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Organizing the Back to School Wardrobe

Part of our back to school preparation includes the wardrobe swap.  Our kids spend the good part of a day swapping out the clothes they wore out with all their summer fun for more school appropriate outfits.  The majority of our back to school shopping is done with the tubs of hand me downs we store from one child to the next.  We set up a shop in our home and try to make it a special experience as the kids pick the outfits they like most in the size they will need for the new year.  
This year, after shopping the storage tubs we talked about the different mixes and matches each of the kids could make with the clothes they chose.  During the school year we typically expect our children to lay out a week's worth of outfits on Sunday night.  From day to day during the week they can pick which of the 5 outfits best suit their mood or activity for the day.  In the past it has been a bit of a challenge for our youngest ones to remember which pieces make outfits.  This year we have brainstormed a solution for choosing the weekly wardrobe.
1. Create Outfits.  Mix and Match.  Be Creative
2. Take pictures of each of the combinations
3. Print the pictures and load them into plastic photo sleeves in mini albums
4. Store the albums in your kids' dressers
5. As they pick outfits for each day children can easily refer to the pictures to find the pieces they need

Hopefully this easy tip will simplify our morning routine during this school year!
What are you tricks and tips for getting your children dressed and on their way on busy school mornings?


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