ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Sample Lesson Plan: Wonder Why?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sample Lesson Plan: Wonder Why?

Learning Objective:
Your child will explore states of matter, specifically experiencing melting point.

~buckets of snow
~kitchen sink
~optional: shovels, toy cars & trucks, cookie cutters, spoons & more

Fill the sink with snow & play!
While you play, encourage questions & ask some of your own.
~I wonder, what will happen to the snow once it comes into the house?
~I wonder, how long the snow will take to melt completely?
~I wonder, will turning on the cold water change the snow at all?
~I wonder, would hot water change the snow in the sink?
~I wonder, what will be left in the sink if the snow melts?

Bonus Lesson: After seeing the crud (twigs, leaves, sand, dirt, etc.) left lining the sink, once the snow melts, your child in not likely to wonder anymore about why he/she should not eat snow!

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  1. We did some posts about this last year but instead we fill the tub. We haven't had a huge snow this year so no tub snow yet unfortunately. We add things like plastic animals, icicles, and paint when we do ours.