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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ABC Book Ideas & Giveaway

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Today we will be sharing ideas about creating ABC books with your children. It is beneficial to review the important skill of letter recognition at home & on the go! Personalized ABC books are great teaching tools. They make letter concepts concrete and incorporate familiar objects, which in turn activates prior knowledge. Making mental connections makes it easier for learners to remember the concept.

Jenny and her daughter are working together to create an alphabet photo book.

Shelby at Schweri Stories shared a digital ABC book.
Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot is currently making an alphabet book like the one she found on Let's Explore. This looks like a simple and quick way to put one together and since it's in a photo album pictures can be quickly added or changed. This format is inexpensive, plus the pages will hold up to a toddler looking at them over and over.
Sandy at Just for Fun is working on alphabet art projects, and plans on compiling them all into an alphabet artbook. Click on alphabet under her labels to see more projects for the book.

There are many online digital services available for creating books. Shutterfly, which has a predesigned ABC book available, is easy to use. Katie, from Katie's Nesting Spot, has several Shutterfly photo books and highly recommends them.

This alphabet tag book shown on A Listmaker's Life is an easy activity to take along in a travel bag for a quick letter sound review. The time spent putting together the book is also effective letter/sound practice.

Elementary Aged Activities:
abcteach has some ABC activities, their free ABC flashcards provide nice illustrations for each letter of the alphabet. They also have simple ABC book pages, each letter outlined for your child to color with space for a picture below that can be a drawing, clipping from a magazine, or photograph. These pages could be compiled into an ABC book afterward. There is also an animal alphabet ABC coloring book that could be completed and made into an alphabet book.

Click here, for directions on how to make an ABC pop up book.

Visit this link for a PDF handout from a presentation on Making ABC Books with Your Students, ideas are given for each grade K through 5. Activities include a buddy book made by student buddies pairs of first and fifth graders working together to make animal report for an animal alphabet, creating an name alphabet alliteration, researching for and making an alphabet based on Mali - an early West African empire, making an alphabet based on your home state, and making an alphabet on U.S. Facts. It also includes an ABC Book Planning Sheet.

Here is another lesson for making an animal alphabet book with second graders.

Elementary and Beyond:
Here is a basic ABC book template that could be used with elementary students, and in case you were wondering "ABC books Aren't for Babies," as this article from Education World proves. Included in the article are ideas for a range of curriculums and grade levels.

Read • Write • Think has a comprehensive lesson for grades 6-8: ABC Bookmaking Builds Vocabulary in the Content Areas. The student handouts are provided in PDF form.

Here is a PDF list of suggested ABC books from Read • Write • Think.

Today's Giveaway:

Win an ABC and a 123 tag books to put together with your student! These colorful mini albums include one page for each letter of the alphabet and each number 1-20. With pre-readers, spend time searching for pictures to help teach each letter and number. With older learners use these taggies to organize vocabulary terms or other necessary themeatic information.

You will receive one entry per comment. Please submit separate comments for each entry option you choose.

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  1. For ABC ideas i like and have donated ideas to ABC Jesus Loves Me

    Preschool express and Hubbards Cupboard 3's are great too!

  2. your link is on my sidebar under great educational sites

  3. I think you still have the idea of mine you asked for I don't see it listed yet

  4. We are making an ABC SOUND Book....similar idea, but focusing on beginning sounds my late talking daughter can make. It's on our blog if anyone is interested. Simple too!

    Meghan and I love Chicka Chicka Boom Boom...classic, I know!

  5. I have your link on my sidebar!

  6. Our fave ABC books are My First Steps to Reading Books by Jane Moncure. It's a set of 26 books, one for each letter of the alphabet.

  7. Our favorite ABC book is Dr. Seuss's ABC's (board book and full size version). My husband and I know it by heart!

  8. Our favorite ABC book is currently Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming. Both my sons love to watch the alphabet being built and its inspired alot of creative play in our house!

  9. We made our own alphabet book - a food alphabet - and we also made a counting book using Picasa. I'll be posting it on our blog later today.

    Our favorite alphabet book is The Curious George Alphabet - each drawing is made with the letter. She loves it.

  10. I am a follower (as the girl who painted trees).

  11. I love Chica Chica Boom Boom.

    Love the alphabet books! We will have to make us some!

  12. I really like Enchanted Learning.

  13. I'm in the process of making my very own ABC book for my 2 1/2 yr old! I'm letting him take pictures of things around the house and I'm putting them on 12 x 12 paper and doing it scrapbook style!

  14. I am a follower!

    I love all these ideas. The digital book is the route I will take, using Shutterfly. I agree Katie, their books turn out so great.
    I love picking up all your ideas everyone!!

  15. And our favorite ABC book is:
    B is for Bear (board book) by Roger Priddy. It has touchy feely features and is very large with basic foundational photos.

  16. I never get sick of Chicka Chick Boom Boom and neither does my 2 year old.

  17. We love Chica Chica Boom Boom-my girls want to read it again and again.

  18. My kids like the ABC book from Dr. Suess.

    Lindsey who is eight still likes to read it.

  19. My son's favorite ABC book right now is There's a Zoo in Room 22. It's a book about a classroom that has 26 pets- one for each letter of the alphabet! I'm glad I'm not that teacher. :)

  20. My absolute favorite over the years is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! It's a classic!

  21. I LOVE that photo book idea- putting in the sleeves makes the process seem so much more do-able. And I would imagine very DURABLE as well.

    I also love the alphabet tags!!! Wow- such a great idea!

  22. My favorite ABC book is one that my kids made at the science museum. they got to take pictures of themselves holding some of the objects that started with that letter...they loved it!