ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Management Monday

Monday, March 30, 2009

Management Monday

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Welcome to our first Management Monday post!

In this series we will spotlight ways to manage the many little details that accompany teaching in a classroom or at home.

Today we'd love for you to cooperate by adding your suggestions in the comment section.

How do you:
~organize your supplies and student materials
~maintain control of your students so you can get through a lesson
~lesson plan for your day (How much time do you allow per subject area?)
~keep track of & evaluate what you've taught
~manage planning, keeping up your home life, and continuing professional development
~keep records
~organize student work
~decide which student samples to save & how to store them

Are there any other techniques you have implemented for managing activities for optimal success?

Please send us your ideas. We will look forward to reading them and posting them on future Management Mondays!

Jill at Controlling My Chaos has a great tutorial on how to make a homework center, great for keeping distractions to a minimum while concentrating on important school work.

She also shared a simple and easy way for kids to personalize their backpack, so it won't get mixed up with all the other bags on the playground.This chore chart can be saved on your computer to help you track weekly assignments. There is also a more "manly" version available for your little man.For controlling the papers and artwork your children want to keep, Jill suggests a magnetic board system.

Peter Walsh from Clean Sweep shares a technique for organizing school work on momready. Manage school projects so they don't become more clutter.

Teacher Trick:
Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot suggests Popsicle Stick Turn Taking

Students are enthusiastic about participating! To keep turn taking fair, write each student's name on a popsicle stick and store them in a mug. Whenever student participation is required, pull a stick and allow that student to answer the question, be the special helper, or "pass" without giving a reason. Once the student has had a turn, put the stick back in the mug with the name side up instead of down. (If the student decides to pass, put their stick back down to give him or her another opportunity). The system allows every student an opportunity to participate some how during each day. Once the class is familiar with this method, the number of "shout out" answers will decrease and if a student does shout out an answer their stick can be turned around. They've then "missed" their next turn; most students don't want that to happen!


  1. Love the Popsicle stick idea! We will be using that!!!

  2. I can't wait to see what other post. As a sub I have a hard time controlling some classes and keeping them on task. Management Monday is going to be very helpful for me. All of the classes at my kids school that I sub in do use the popsicle sticks and it works really well. What I don't like is that each child is assigned a number rather than using their names for everything... makes me think of "Big Brother" and taking away from their being individuals. oh well - can't win them all! :)

  3. I always used the popsicle stick method when I taught 2nd grade. Loved it! Great ideas!!

  4. I just try to keep everything in one place. As a homeschool mom, I'm very very relaxed with the planning. I just kinda go with the flow. But my desk area is organized. I keep a central calendar with everyone's activities on it. That helps with organization in a big way. I've also discovered that I really like using Cozi Central (

  5. Another great post!

    Since I have 1 child, it is easy for me to work our homeschool schedule around what works best for my daughter. Often times, we do spur of the moment type of activities.

    I use my blog to keep track of what Abby has done. I have put some of her artwork and worksheets aside to put into a binder, so we can remember the year.

  6. A good way to keep track of students' work/papers, attendance is to assign each of them a number. They put that number on all their work they hand in (as well as their name). When you have the pile of papers, put them in numerical order, whatever number is missing you can easily see who is assigned that number. Much quicker to keep track of things.

  7. Fantastic ideas! Love that homework center!