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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Toddler Time: The Color Green

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! We hope you are all proudly wearing green today! Since we presented St. Patty's Day activities on Sunday, so you'd have time to try a few, here are some activities all about the color green geared toward younger learners.
Start your green day with a green eggs breakfast!
Find inspiration, on Currently Crafting, for creating a GREEN book for your toddler.

You can find a free Leprechaun Trick emergent reader here and a Green Car one here.

Paint a green clothes pin dinosaur like the one seen on No Time for Flashcards

It's So Easy Finding Green! Round up all the green things you can find in your playroom.

Practice math skills with these little green guys.

Green means GO! Make a Traffic Light treat!

~graham crackers
~frosting or peanut butter
Break crackers into quarters.
Frost the cracker.
Add red, yellow, and green M&Ms in the order of a traffic light!
GO ahead & eat it!

Today's Giveaway: Learning Manipulatives
Since students often do green themed activities during color thematic units we're giving away manipulatives that will help your toddler learn all of their colors through sorting. These are also great for counting practice. Please be aware that these are small in size and young children will need to be supervised when using these.

A big bag of colorful buttons, some like these were used yesterday's post on Sorting - "Muffin Tin Sorting" activity.
But that's not help your toddler learn how to sort by color and other attributes, as well as count, we're adding a package of sorting "jewels". These are spring and summer themed pebbles. Your child can put all the palm trees together, all the pink things together, etc. and count them.
You will also be getting a package of 25 mini dinosaurs. The kindergarteners loved these! You can count them or sort by dinos with spikes and without, standing on fours or on two, color, meat eater or vegetarian. They are also pretty fun to play with.
You will receive one entry per comment. Please submit separate comments for each entry option you choose.

To Win:
Leave a comment - What color would be fun to feature on our next themed day? Have you done any great green activities today?
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Good Luck! We’ll announce a winner tomorrow!


  1. These are super ideas!
    How about the color orange next?

  2. love green eggs and ham!! i think yellow would be the next best color day and tie it in with spring- chicks, flowers, sun... FUN! i am a follower to you sweet gals already and have your button on my blog!!

    u gals rock!!

    noelle ♥

  3. today we just didn a shamrock hunt where i put clues on the shamrocks and they had to find them and at the end of the hunt was some cheapy treats: critter punch ball, popup bubbles, and a yoyo critter ball!

    later today we are transferring yellow water into blue water to make green!

  4. i have your link on my sidebar

  5. Wow! What a great blog you have. I just happened to click on a link on a blog I went to from Tot School. I am so glad I found this blog. I will be adding your link to my blog.

  6. oh I forgot. I'd love to have idea of stuff to do for grey themed day. It is an often forgoten color.

  7. We have been doing green activities for St Patricks Day!

    I think you should have a yellow day, because that the little guys favorite color!

  8. I agree with the yellow suggestions. Springtime would be a great tie-in theme...we are seeing the sun for a longer period each day, daffodils, baby chicks.

  9. I have your button on my sidebar!

  10. I follow and have a button. =)

  11. yellow for Spring.

    We did green a few weeks ago and we did a green Easter egg hunt (my daughter is obsessed with the plastic Easter eggs I bought last week and I hadn't had time to hide them yet) and ate only green veggies. She also wore an all green outfit and painted with green paint.

    I love your blog. Thanks for the great ideas.

  12. I love doing colors with my daughter... her favorite right now is ORANGE.

    So far today we have sorted Lucky Charms marshmallows (and my 6 yo made a graph of them), made handprint Leprechauns and done stamp painting with green pepper halves (it looks a little like a shamrock!). We have finger-painting with pistachio pudding coming up next. :)

  13. ...and I follow you via Google Reader.

  14. I guess I'm not a St. Patrick's Day lover...yet. Yesterday we went to a St. Pat's party though. We aren't doing any green activities, but I do plan to make green eggs for lunch.

    As for the next color,I think black or white would be good! They seem to be hard for me to come up with ideas, but with lots of heads together, I'm sure you'll come up with great ideas all over!

  15. I'd like to see a purple themed day.

  16. I say YELLOW to get us looking forward to the SUN coming out!

    I fixed my 3-year old some "green cuisine" last night in honor of St. Patty's Day. We were supposed to go to a party today, but it had to get canceled because her son had pink eye. :(

  17. Great ideas! My daughter would love a pink day!

  18. I have your button on my blog.

  19. Fun ideas. I would also like to see purple.

  20. I think purple would be a great color to do next. It's a favorite in our house. :)

  21. I became a follower today and I have been following you through Google Reader before.

  22. What a GREAT giveaway! Well, since wev'e done my son's fave color (green) it's only natural to do my daughter's favorite color next (purple)!

  23. How fun!

    We are making many green things today! We are doing the green jello shamrocks and the green sherbet shakes! We are also doing alot with rainbows!

    What a great idea for all those buttons and things I have sitting around!

  24. I think a springtime color would be good, yellow of blue. I have been enjoying all the activities I find on your great new site!

  25. How about purple to feature :) We had a fun green science project today by making up a batch of yellow and a batch of blue play dough. When they combine you get . . . GREEN!

  26. Yellow and purple are two great colors!!!
    I have not done any green activities, but I did do some with my class before we left for Spring Break :)

  27. My oldest daughter loves pink. What about a pink color day?

  28. Also a purple day for my youngest daughter.

  29. Just found your blog and love it. Great ideas.

  30. Sorting is such a GREAT activity and can be so engaging for children!

    That traffic light snack is so fun!