ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: The Letter M

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Letter M

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This week's letter is M!

M is for Mosaic Tile Projects. Thanks Susana!

The Harris Day made a day out of Monkeying Around.

Build a tour with Marshmellow and toothpicks.

Lapbook Lessons put together a clever M is for Mosquitos lesson, complete with many printables and a creepy mask.

Apples and Jammies put together a M is for Magnets page in their ABC book.

Sewing School has a step by step tutorial for making an easy felt mouse.

Our Alphabet Adventure shared M is for Mountains and Muffins.

M is for Monkey Masks, M & Ms, Mountains, Measuring, and More. Find out how to put together these M activities at Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary.

We just had to share the fun Kid's Movie Night Bobbi at Casa Camacho recently did. It would be fun wrap up activity for a Letter M week indeed!

Quirky Momma submitted a Messy Art with Water Masterpiece.

Fifth Street Academy has a post full of M fun, including an adorable monkey hand puppet!

Serve a meal of meatballs, macaroni, mozzarella, mushrooms, melons, milk, and marble cake!

Alphabet Soup has many M munchie ideas including Monkey Milkshakes and Monster Hands which would be fun for October:

Monster Hands
Fill plastic see-through gloves with popcorn, putting a candy corn at the tip of each finger for fingernails. Tie with string or use ties for a wonderful snack the kids will love!

Play marbles or Mancala

Fun & Games with M & Ms.

March to Music

Make paper Mittens

Cut M pictures out of Magazines

Make a Model of the Moon.

Kick off your introduction to basic Money recognition and counting skills. This site lays out a skill sequence for teaching preschool and elementary students about money.

Monsters: Toy Monsters, Tin Can Monsters, Puppet Monsters, Beautiful Beasts, and Shoe Monsters

Set up a post office and deliver play Mail.

Color with Markers

Start an All About Me or All About Mom unit


  1. Great post Katie, thanks for putting this togeter with so many good ideas! I think we're finally recovering from our run in with the stomach flu around here. ER continues to be a bit under the weather and so do I but for the most part we're on the mend.

  2. My favorite was the mosiac frame. If my kids were just a touch older we'd do this. Am going to bookmark it. Great list! Thanks!

  3. I never saw this one! Thanks for posting me. You gals are awesome. I'm searching for activities to do with the kids for the next couple of weeks on your site. Spring Break! Gotta keep busy. Thanks for the inspirations and ideas.