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Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Parties

We are so thrilled to have you join us today for the beginning of our 1 year birthday celebration here on ABC & 123!

During the next 2 weeks we will be featuring birthday themed activities and suggestions, giving away some great birthday favors, making a few layout changes, and announcing some exciting things for the next year!

What will you notice right away? We've cleared our list of key contributors from the last year. To be included in our new contributor list for this year we ask that you submit your new ideas. The reason for this update is to be sure that we are giving proper credit to our active participants. If you have a blog button to share we will include that in our updated key contributor list once you have submitted 5 links. We do appreciate you!

We also really value your feedback and would love to hear your suggestions for future posts.
~What types of activities are most helpful to you?
~Is there a subject area you'd like to read more about?
~What age level do you have in mind when you are searching for activities?
Please leave a comment or send us an email to tell us your thoughts!

This Wednesday we will be featuring all boy birthday themes. If you have a party to share be ready to link to the Wednesday post. Friday's parties are devoted to girly themes and will also include a link for you to share your great ideas.
Let's kick off the birthday celebration with these great party ideas!

When Amanda at Crafts~N~Things for Children's son turned 2, they celebrated with a Penguin Winter-land Party. She shares great ideas for throwing a themed party on a budget. We love all the homemade touches, which in our opinion not only save money but make everything extra special.

Megan from Ducks in a Row threw a fabulous Sea Creature themed birthday. We love the cute cupcake treats, the creatures were made with chocolate molds! You have got to see how nicely she incorporated her theme, from the handmade invitations to the pinata and craft.

Megan also threw a Banana Themed Birthday Party, and we think her invitations are really fun! We also really like the coordinating thank you cards she made. Here are some details about the party that she shared with us:

FOOD: We had a make your own banana split bar that doubled as the food and the entertainment...some of the kids got pretty creative. Also, lots of chopped up fruits and melons.

GAMES: We had two big tubs, one labeled "fruit" and one labeled "vegetables." The kids (younger ones could pair up with a sibling or parent) had to sort a table full of real and fake produce. We timed them and cheered for them and had prizes for the three fastest times.

I also had a glass jar full of fake little bananas that I found on clearance at the craft store. It was a "guess how many bananas are in the jar" game. Guests submitted their guess on a slip of paper. At the end of the party we counted all the bananas and the person with the closest guess went home with a prize.

Angee from Dresses and Messes threw this fun looking pancake themed birthday party. Kids attended in their pajamas and each got to paint their own pillow case. We love their idea to make pancakes extra special. They also played four great games that are clever twists on some familiar favorites.

Jamee at Homemaker suggests making lacing cards that match your party theme or the guests' names as party favors. Check out how she makes them in her post.


  1. My kids loved the caterpillar set you can buy. They watched them turn from caterpillars to butterflies in the course of a couple of weeks. It was really neat.

  2. Well, I guess I'll link up, since I was a total spaz and forgot to email my party suggestion links. Silly me.

  3. Ahh - just in time! We're planning our little soon-to-be-three daughter's birthday right now...

  4. I'll have to link our latest birthday party ideas on Wednesday. I am really most interested in preschool ideas, ages 2 through 5, as that is where my kiddos fall right now. I really like the thematic posts you do, and am excited to see the new changes!

  5. Love the sea creature party. We're having one for my daughter in a couple of weeks.

  6. What great timing! I'm blogging all this week about my 5 year old's Fancy Nancy birthday party. :) I love sharing and swapping ideas.