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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Celebrations Link Up

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We're excited to see how you celebrated Mother's Day! Did you have everyone over? Or did you go out and let someone else do the cooking? What did the kids do to make mom feel special?
Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot had both her mother (above right) and mother-in-law (above left) over for a casual family BBQ. Her daughter ER gave both Grandma's a mini scrapbook that they worked hard on, it contains lots handwriting examples, a special dictated message, colored pictures, lots of stickers, and plenty of pictures.
The big centerpiece for the family gathering was this big edible floral bouquet of cupcakes. Yummy and directions from the new cookbook, What's New Cupcake?

Katie from A List Maker's Life enjoyed putting together the fun tiered planter as seen on Positvely Splendid and featured in our Mother's Day gift giving round up last week.It was a special gift for her mother, who really seemed to appreciate it!

From her own kindergartener she received a special beaded necklace that says, "I {heart} Mom." Precious.

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