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Monday, May 24, 2010

Play To Learn: Phonics Fun Part 1

Welcome to "Play To Learn"! This week I’m looking at fun ways to practice spelling and phonics skills. Worksheets can be boring, so we’ve come up with some new ways to work on our phonics skills without all the yawning!

Magnetic Letters:

Magnetic Letter Spelling Practice! Each week I take the spelling words for my daughter and print them out on card stock. Then we’re free to practice our spelling in all sorts of ways!
We use magnetic letters on cookie sheets & our magnetic white board.
IMG_3690 IMG_3244

Stair Phonics:
I do this with all 3 kids at the same time. They each get a question and if they get it correct, they may hop down one stair. If they are incorrect, they hop back up one stair. First one down wins!
  • Prek: Letter/number flashcards: Name the Letter & Sound
  • Kindergarten: I show a word card, he reads the word
  • 2nd Grade: I say a spelling word, she spells it

Letter Tiles:
Letter Tile Spelling: I found these blue magnetic letter tiles at Lakeshore Learning.
We also use them with these cool Practice cards from Lakeshore Learning. They have beginning, intermediate, and advanced cards so everyone can play!
IMG_4231 IMG_4230

Hop-a-long Phonics:
These jumping balls were the best $10 I’ve ever spent! I eventually wised up and realized we could use them for school. Not only were the kids getting a chance to move around, but they’re a great tool for quizzes!
I sit in a chair and the kids hop around the room in a circle. Every time they get to me they have to answer a question to pass through the “Gate” (My arm sticking out blocking their way)
I use the same tactics as the “Stair Phonics” game earlier in this post.

Those are just some of many ideas for Phonics fun! If you have more ideas to share, or would like to be included in future “Play To Learn” posts, please email me at homeschoolerconfessions {at} gmail {dot} com, we’d love to hear from you!



  1. My favorite is the stair phonics!

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  3. GREAT POST!! I will be using these ideas for sure with my very active learner!

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