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Friday, June 11, 2010

Alphabet: The Letter X

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Step by Step has put together a page of useful resources for teaching the letter X. The songs they have made up are clever. We also like the game suggestion "Hide the X."

Pocketful of Posies has a collection of letter X activities that would be a great edition to your study.

The first, X is for X-ray, includes activities for the book Maisy Goes to the Hospital. You may be specifically interested in the printable x-ray counting game. There is also a fun X-Ray man song.

Pocketful of Posies X is for Xylophone post uses the book Alphabet Mystery. The post includes some great downloadable documents including xylophone number cards and xylophone sizing sort cards.

Use the book Fox in Sox to emphasis the X sound at the end of words. Again you will love printable, a letter X memory game and pieces for putting together an X lapbook.

Chasing Marcus has a fantastic collection of letter X activities in their tot school post. They highlight x rays and xylophones as well. Many neat suggestions include: a felt board xylophone, an x ray matching game, xylophone lacing cards, and more.

Erica, our featured play to learn writer, has a useful list of recommended children's books for the letter X.


  1. where can I find the x-ray pictures?

  2. Chasing Marcus seems to be a private blog. Is there any way to contact the owner to join or another way to get the x ray cards?