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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little Cooks with Books ~ Eggs

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When my oldest daughter, Samantha,  first became interested in cooking, one of the first things I taught her how to make was scrambled eggs.  They are inexpensive, healthy, versatile, and easy and quick to prepare.  The perfect dish for a young chef, and one that she will probably make a lot in her lifetime.

Since that first cooking lesson, Samantha has become a talented scrambler of eggs.  She has learned how to add veggies and/or cheese.  She has also used them to make a scrambled egg sandwich and a breakfast burrito.

Here are the basic steps I showed her during our scrambled egg lesson:
  1. Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat.  
  2. While the pan is heating, whisk the eggs with milk and salt.  Use 1 teaspoon of milk for each egg.  Salt to taste.  This is the perfect opportunity to show your child how to whisk. The perfect whisk ~ use a whisk to beat the eggs in a tilted motion for about two minutes.  The eggs should look "frothy".
  3. Melt a tablespoon of butter in the pan.
  4. Add the eggs.
  5.  When the eggs start to set, use a spatula to push the eggs into the center of the pan. Continue this motion to cook all of the eggs.  
  6. Use the spatula to break up any large pieces.   
  7. Flip the eggs.  Allow them to cook for 15-30 more seconds.  
  8. Scoop eggs onto plate.  Season with salt and/or pepper. 
 Gracen, my picky eater, does not partake in eggs.  However, she has been enjoying the practice of cracking them.  She is now the designated egg cracker in our house.  Here is the technique I taught her:
  1.  Hold the egg and lightly tap it on the edge of the bowl.  You don't want the egg to crack completely.  Instead, you just want to make a dent in the eggshell.
  2. Use your two thumbs to dig into the dent and pull apart the two sides of the shell.  
  3. Allow the egg to slide into the bowl.  
This is not an easy skill.  In fact, I don't always get it right and have been known to have to fish out small specks of shell.  However, Gracen loves practicing and is getting better at it each time she tries.

For a fun "egg" related book, I chose  Eloise Breaks Some Eggs (Ready-to-Read. Level 1).  Both girls love the movie "Eloise", so I thought they might enjoy this book in which Eloise's Nanny tries to teach her to cook.  It is the perfect read for Gracen because she can read it all by herself, and it is a little silly.  Samantha was not too into it.  She thought it was too "young".  Wes enjoyed Eloise's quirky sense of humor. 

Another appropriate book selection for a scrambled egg lesson is Scrambled Eggs Super.  It is a tall tale about a boy named Peter T. Hooper who is tired of his mom's scrambled hen eggs.  His food boredom leads him to tell his friend, Liz, about how he went on a journey to collect many different types of eggs.  He explains that he used the eggs (and some other creative ingredients) to create "Scrambled eggs Super-Dee-Dooper-Dee-Booper, Special deluxe a-la-Peter T. Hooper".   This is a super fun book told in the classic over-the-top Dr. Seuss style.

See you in two weeks with another Little Cooks with Books activity!

Keep Cookin',


  1. yum yum! A little egg shell tip that I just recently learned and though it might be helpful is:
    To stick a bigger piece of the shell into the egg and the small piece that fell in will be attracted to the other egg shell and makes it easier to fish out.

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