ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Alphabet: The Letter Y

Friday, July 2, 2010

Alphabet: The Letter Y

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Counting Coconuts celebrated the letter Y with yarn measuring, yogurt painting, and a yellow collection.

Our Alphabet Adventure was clever with their Y is for Yak craft.

Mrs. Karen's Class discussed color and texture as they decorated their Ys.

Imagination Express Preschool had fun with their yellow, yodeling yaks!

Growing Up Our Style made some yucky Y goo! They also share a Yuck book with you.
Pocketful of Posies practiced Y with yo yos and yaks. You won't want to miss this link as they share printable counting cards, as well as lap book examples.

Erica's post on Y if for Yarn includes a recipe for Yummy Yogosicles.

Other Suggestions:
~experiment with a yardstick
~have a yelling contest in the yard
~put together a Y is for You study
~take a trip to visit a Yacht club and study the boats, or research a Yacht type craft
~cook an egg with the Yolk intact
~explore the calendar, because Y is for Year
~take a little rest, after all Y is for Yawn!


  1. Here are some things we did with Y!

  2. Omigoodness that Y is for Yak is so super cute! In all my years teaching K we never did a Y is for Yak. But I'll have to remember this in case I go back to the classroom.