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Friday, July 16, 2010

Alphabet: The Letter Z

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Would you believe, we finally made it to the letter Z!
It has been fun to take a look at each of the letters of the alphabet and many of you have also been exploring the ABCs on your own sites. We will look forward to continuing to feature alphabet letters, in a new fashion, as we look at the topic of letter identification in the future.
United Teaching went on an ABC adventure where Z sent them to a series of fantastic zoo ideas including a zoo of blocks, a zoo in the sand, zoo matching, and more. This post also shares a week long lesson plan.
Pocketful of Posies has a Z post that includes a sample lap book, as well as the printables to put it together.

She also shares a fun zebra color matching game and "I'm a Little Zebra" sung to a popular children's tune.

Counting Coconuts also worked with the letter Z a while back. Their activities included zebras, cooking with zucchini, zig zag Zs, and Zen.

Set up a zipper center to practice this important skill while reinforcing the Z sound.

Walking by the Way has an informative post outlining their Z is for Zoo lesson.
You may also be interested to look at the list of books Erica has picked for teaching the letter Z.

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