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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Language Arts Games

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Do you remember the many mind reading and predicting games we used to create as kids simply by using a "cootie catcher?" Quirky Momma has come up with a suggestion for teaching children to read using this familiar game.

Whimsical Ways has put together a post featuring 3 different games to teach basic skills and reflect childrens books. You will want to play along.

A Year of Reading explains Bananagrams for Kids and suggests way this popular game may be used to help teach reding and spelling.

Use the simple game of tic tac toe to practice identifying and printing the letters your child might be struggling to learn otherwise.

Practice sequencing events in a story using the Sunday comics. Cut apart each frame of the comic strip, read the individual frames to your child, ask the child to put the story in order.


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