ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Summer Field Trip Suggestions

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Field Trip Suggestions

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Summer is a fantastic time for outdoor exploration. With a little creativity, you should need to travel too far from home to find fun!

Sparkling Adventures suggested a trip to the wide open spaces for some kite flying fun!

They also had a fun idea to visit a favorite playground by moonlight for a new experience. This post is full of amazing fire trick pictures, from the late night show they caught.

The Attached Mama shared some of the favorite summer field trips they have taken:

One Busy Mama has been busy enjoying summer with several short, fun field trips:
Learning History Locally - Do you have a local history hot spot in your town?

Study Herpetology - Do you know what that scientific word means? If not you better check out her post to learn something new:)
Check in to your local nature center. Perhaps they have a program on Moths, Bugs, and Butterflies.

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  1. We've been taking field trips too! We've been to the Museum of the Gulf Coast (they have a huge stuffed aligator and Monkey See was fascinated by it), the beach - we're going back this weekend for a wedding, but the oil spill has made it's way to Texas beaches you didn't see that on the news, and we're going to a museum that's right down the road from us that is a windmill and in the same lot there is an old cajun house. The Dutch settled here a long time ago so we have a big windmill museum and so did the cajuns. It's going to be so much fun!