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Monday, August 16, 2010

CSN Flower Match Review

As promised in my last Play To Learn post, here is a review of one of the great Developmental and Educational toys from CSN! I chose the Flower Match Garden Patch to review as it looked like something that would be awesome for logical thinking skills!


The Flower Match Garden Patch is a matching game that includes laminated pattern guides, a solid wood storage case that doubles as a game board and magnetic flower pieces to help hold the creations in place! It costs $33.60 and has proven to be lots of fun for my preschooler! It’s idea for ages 3+ . It reminds me of this game (Scroll down in the post to get to the Montessori shape game) I made from foam shapes, only it’s WAY cuter!

IMG_6035 IMG_6038 

My kids loved playing with the Flower Match Garden Patch, and I like that it takes some reasoning skills to match up the flowers on the cards. The game comes with 6 different flower cards to match up and there are several shapes and colors for each flower including various stems as well as flower centers. You have to put the objects on the board in the correct order to build the flower properly or they don’t fit. Since this arrived at our house, I’ve caught even my 7 yr old playing with it because it’s just plain fun!

So if you can’t tell by now, my favorite section is the Developmental and Educational Toys section. Here’s what’s on my educational wish list:

Discovering 4-In-1 Puzzle Set Texture Dominoes

Multi Match Sensory Discs Snap 'n' Learn Number Bugs

 img 3-D Feel & Find Shapes Toy

So now that you know they have some great Play To Learn games at CSN go check it out for yourself!

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