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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen: Popsicles

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How are your kids keeping cool this summer? Do you have a favorite summertime treat? If you do we'd love to share it! Email us your links or recipes!

It seems that colorful pops are all over the blogisphere! We recently shared some in this post, and now here are Random Thoughts of a Supermom's colorful pudding pops!
Quirky Momma shared her recipe for drip free jello pops.

Simply Recipes explains how to put together our own juice pops.

Mormon Chic has several popsicles including a recipe for Rocky Road pops. Interesting.

bread and honey has me tempted by these berry and yogurt popsicles.

You may also want to try Orangette's raspberry yogurt popsicles.

Imperfectly Beautiful used Crystal Light as the secret popsicle ingredient.

Just Beautiful Things shares pictures, and recipe links, for several yummy looking homemade pops.

Still looking for more options? Blisstree has a list of 32 Homemade Popsicle Recipes.
Don't all these homemade popsicle ideas look yummy? But if you're more the ice cream type, well then perhaps you'd like to use the Just Because Ice Cream Bucks at No Fuss Fabulous. She's also got a coupon you can download and give your kids when they've earned a treat.


  1. We love making our own pops! The pudding pops are my favorite!

  2. Here are my slow melt popsicles

  3. Those yogurt berry ones, look absolutely yummy! I want some!

  4. I love the colours of the rainbow pops!