ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Lunches and Snacks: Bento Style

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lunches and Snacks: Bento Style

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Today we wanted to introduce you to one of our readers, and friend, Shannon from What's for Lunch at Our House. It's no coincidence that we are featuring her site just in time for you to begin packing those back to school lunches. You are certain to find some wonderful lunch and snack suggestions. Getting your children involved in the kitchen creating and packaging their lunches will be much more enjoyable with a bit of Bento inspiration.

What's for Lunch at Our House

What's for Lunch at Our House is a 3+ year running food blog, featuring bento lunches prepared by Shannon for her two children. Previously featured in the Dallas Morning News, AOL's Parent Dish and Dallas Child among others, Shannon blogs about healthy, creative ways to feed young children, with a focus on balance and presentation,

The appeal of bento boxes was the idea of a variety of healthy food in bite sized form, a better way to make sure her daughter was able to finish her lunch in the allotted time. Shannon is also interested in bento's environmentally friendly nature and the idea of reusable containers and waste-free meals. Their family's lunches are almost 100% trash free (occasionally something really messy does require a baggie). They use bentos, reusable cutlery, stainless steel water bottles, reusable bags and even cloth napkins. If being green while packing back to school lunches is important to you, learn more about the supplies she uses to create and package meals.

Here is a sampling of Shannon's clever, tempting, and healthy meal suggestions:

Under the Sea - that adorable fish is a hard boiled egg! also won't want to miss all the delicious dessert recipes on What's for Lunch at Our House.

Thank you so much Shannon for submitting your creative kitchen suggestions and allowing us to feature your fun foods today!


  1. Thanks for this post! My daughter starts preschool next week and I am already struggling for ideas on what I will pack her for lunch (and she is only going two days a week!). This is my first year packing school lunches. her school has a no pb&j rule so there goes by old stand bye.

  2. What fantastic ideas. Love the pirates and teddy bears. Adorable.